The game narrates a story of a fallen brave warrior, whose burning ship is stolen by the demons of death in Niffelheim. Demons resurrect the hero to help them realize their sinister plans.

The main goal of evil spirits is to force the protagonist to explore the huge underground caverns swarming with primeval monsters and discover an ancient artifact that threats their very existence. Players will face a choice: either surrender to the demons and grant them the artifact, or revolt against the demons of death.

Facing the demons alone will be quite a challenge; therefore players will have the opportunity to unite forces with others. They will have to forget petty territorial animosities to fight against demons enslaving these lands. Team play will help to conquest this world easier and faster, allowing the bravest player to crown himself the konung of these lands and stand up for his superiority over vassal neighbors.

Players will have to work and fight a lot in this hostile world, as well as hunt and trade, build, destroy and complete many narrative and secondary quests. There will be a lot of battles, where players will have to fight off swarms of evil inhabitants of the world of Niffelheim.

Each in-game action will award players with professional experience. Moreover, the game features «demon seals» which will have to be destroyed in order to unlock unique hero abilities. The introduced system differs from the skill tree in the fact that players cannot predict which skill will be available next. The order of unlocking skills is hidden within the game code to encourage players to replay the game over and over again. Moreover, this approach as part of team play is sure to diversify the balance of skills and powers.

Players will be required to develop underground workshops. These shops will allow heroes to easily craft weapons, armor, various items, potions and even food. This will help players use the gathered resources and convert them into money required for trading purposes.

Another interesting feature in Niffelheim are the altars with the power to turn artifacts into allied spirits protecting the hero from various dangers in the game. The main altar is located in the city temple, where demon priests are waiting for the artifact which has the power to doom the hero or make him the lord of Niffelheim.

Our goal is to create a visually stunning and interesting world and give the game a unique feel to encourage players to return again and again to explore the game universe. The world of Niffelheim includes 4 large areas to choose from. The central city includes a shop to trade goods as well as the temple with demon priests and the battle arena. Arena is the place where players can raise some quick money entering fights against AI opponents or invite friends to fight. In future we may add more playable locations and send our hero off to discover new lands inhabited by spirits and mythic creatures from other parts of the world.

Key features

  • Discover the world ruled by ancient spirits.
  • Beautiful high-detailed graphics painted by hand.
  • Cold and hostile feel of the world of ancient burials and gravesites.
  • Uniquely implemented random generation of the underworld.
  • Endless caverns and dungeons with more evil than gold inside.
  • Creatures and monsters of all kinds inhabiting the savage lands.
  • Diverse quests. Warfare and alliances within the struggle for supremacy.
  • Cooperative Multiplayer. Play alongside AI or your friends or against them.
  • Battle for your domain. Harvest resources. Build your castle and farms.
  • Travel and hunt. Progress in real time.
  • Upgrade your character’s abilities. Forge unique weapons and tools.
  • Find a way to break free from the demons of death grasp.


«Ellada Games» is a small independent game development studio. The company has been established in 2013. The title «Niffelheim» is currently in development: a 2D open world RPG game in fantasy setting. The title release is scheduled for winter 2015-2016.

The team includes four permanent employees united not only by friendship and family bonds, but above all things by the love of games and game development. We have combined efforts to create a game set in a breathtaking hand-drawn world designed by the studio founder, artist Eduard Arutyunyan. Andrey Arutyunyan makes an invaluable contribution to the project managing communications and business development.

We have set off our long path towards «Niffelheim» three years ago. Everyone at the studio is a big fan of mystical fantasy genre. We also feel strongly for Norse mythology and Middle Ages with their knights and wonderful castles. The series of epic novels «A Song of Fire and Ice» by George R. R. Martin as well as the TV series based on the books greatly influenced the project.

We also pursued the idea to create a game world based on rules from the games from our childhood, where players build castles, harvest resources, where evil lurks and victory awaits a brave warrior. We were inspired and influenced by different games, like «The Elder Scrolls», «Terraria» and many more. We are trying hard to give the game the feel of mystery and we still have a long way to go. Our goal is to develop maybe not a large-scale, but a high quality game putting our hearts and skills into the work.

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